Liverpool were on the way then Roma pulled a Roma

I know the title sounds a bit disheartening but don’t get me wrong Liverpool were brilliant. So Lets start from the beginning. On Tuesday morning like many Liverpool fans i woke up excited and nervous at the same time. For me every game this season especially in the champions league i have learnt not to underestimated an opponent and Roma gave me the chills because one, they knocked out Barcelona and two i was not really familiar with the way they played hence the saying better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know. Now to calm my nerves i went to research mode on the ‘enemy’ believe it or not they were a good team and very compact.

This made me more nervous and anxious so to feel better i went on YouTube to watch some memorable European nights and comfort myself with ‘Allez Allez Allez’. I kept myself sane for the remainder of the day until 2 hours to the kick off then i lost it. The nerves, the anticipation and the excitement all in one. Then a few minutes later the team news then the feeling of its about time!! So lately have been streaming most of the games and this one was not an exception. I hurriedly started looking for streams and by the time it hit 2145hrs i was almost set. But ZUKU and stream providers had another plans for me.They had conspired against me watching the match atleast that is what i thought at the moment needless to say i missed the ‘You Never Walk Alone’ anthem.

After a few minutes of throwing tantrums and yelling finally i found a good stream and the game was 3 minutes in. At this time Roma were in control compact and threatening. The first 20 minutes it was all Roma this was confirmed by Kolorov’s shot that went past Karius and hit the bar. It was a reality check that Liverpool had to step up and boy did they. Who else but the Egyptian king Mo Salah he struck in a shot 41st of the season what can i say he has just been ridiculously out of this world and because he is a class player he didn’t celebrate as a sign of respect to his former club. A few minutes later it was that man Salah again with a second. Liverpool were now firm control and in the first half we were ahead by two goals.

Liverpool started the second half with the same intensity an urgency and in the 56th minute Sadio Mane made it three and after a couple of misses in the first half this was well deserved. At this point Roma players were clueless on how to contain Liverpool to the dismay of the AS Roma manager. 5 minutes later Firmino tapped in an assist from Salah and at this time i was in football heaven. Firmino then again added his second of the night and fifth for Liverpool and already i was seeing Kiev. Nothing could go wrong  right? Well lets say Roma did a Roma and managed to get two away goals in the final minutes of the game just after Salah was subed. So the excitement levels dropped this means we have to score in Rome.To be honest i was so disappointed  it felt like a loss but hey its the semi finals of the champions league and its not supposed to be easy. We are in control of our destiny.

Quick recovery to the OX.

What can i say we never go the easy way and come Wednesday we go again in Rome but first Stock City on Saturday to secure a top four finish. This Liverpool team is the best that have seen since have been a fan and Klopp is doing an amazing job.

written by,

Hilda Cheptoo



  1. Tembur

    April 25, 2018 at 11:25 am

    Amazing ….go go go

  2. Caleb

    April 25, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    Hapo sawa Chep

  3. K R Ng'etich

    April 26, 2018 at 6:34 am

    Best wishes to Liverpool in all your future endeavours. But prayers to Arsenal on their way to the uncharted waters of scouting for a new manager to replace Mzee A. Wenger.

  4. Muthemba

    September 27, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    Good thing Ramos was there to bring you back down to earth and put you guys in your rightful place hehehe…

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