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From doubters to believers,30 Years Later,Liverpool are Champions of England!!

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”Now you have to believe us….. we are going to win the League..”

The last time Liverpool won the League Google was not even a thing!! Its really incredible that a team of Liverpool FC  caliber took 30 years to win the Premier League in the modern era! But it was worth the wait!

Its been a long journey for Liverpool, they came close in the 13/14 season, but fell short after the famous ‘Gerrard slip’ and the following season they were very poor leading to Brendan Rogers being sacked mid season and Klopp taking over in October 2015. I remember thinking it just has to be Klopp to take the reigns, it was a perfect fit from the beginning! Before that the management of Liverpool was in shambles where at some point they were at a verge of bankruptcy before FSG took over. Since then they have made Liverpool stable and financially healthy!

The combination of FSG and Klopp has finally delivered the holy grail to Anfield! When Jurgen Klopp took over Liverpool were in 10th place in the Premier League, a team that was struggling in the pitch, with players carrying the weight of past glories and nothing to show off in the recent times. I remember Klopp in his first press conference saying yes we have achieved a lot in the past but its now time to play our own way! From the beginning you could see his style of play- pressing, discipline and hard work!

Since then the recruitment has been incredible! He brought in players not because they are big names but players who fit his style of play and more importantly players with character! Every player has improved under Klopp into world class players!

More importantly he brought belief back to the club. He is close and accessible to the fans and appreciates their support. Casing point when Klopp and his players celebrated the 2-2 draw against West Brom which was heavily criticized but Klopp saw it as a way of bring fans and the team together and this is also where Liverpool’s comeback culture was cultivated!!

Imagine losing the Champions League a season before then winning it a year later, and then losing the Premier League by one point and then winning a year later!! Mentality Monsters!

Liverpool have been brilliant this season,relentless, ruthless and deserved winners of the Premier League!


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1 Comment

  1. Commentator254

    June 26, 2020 at 9:26 am

    Mentality Mosnters!!! Good one Cheptoo. Ipeleke pale Opera and make money😊😊😊

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